# Students' Union

Your Students’ Union (opens new window) (SU) is a charity, independent of the university, that exists to enhance your student experience, whatever your interests. If you’re a Coventry University Group student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union. You can get involved in running the SU by standing to become an Elected Officer, becoming a Rep for your course, or joining student groups and events.

# So, what does the SU offer?

Elected Officers and Reps to represent your interests and make your voice heard on campus.

Societies and events so you can try something new or continue something you love while making new friends.

An independent Advice Service, providing free and confidential advice on any housing, finance or academic issues you may have.

Help to boost your skills and employability through digital badges.

Communities and campaigns for positive change, helping to ensure your university experience is inclusive, safe, sustainable and supportive of your wellbeing.

Events and opportunities to connect with other students throughout the year.

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Last updated: 20/07/2023, 14:40:58