# Spirituality and Faith

Coventry University London is a friendly and safe environment for everyone – irrespective of your beliefs, faith or culture. We celebrate diversity and actively promote open dialogue to make sure that the university - and wider community - is supportive, welcoming and inclusive.

# Helping you to connect with local faith groups

Our representative from the Student Support team sits on the local interfaith group. This means that we have great links with a wide range of local faith groups, enabling us to connect our students (of most faith traditions) to local communities and events.

# Meet like-minded people within and outside the university

It is important that you establish a sense of belonging at university by connecting with supportive groups and communities. Come to us if you are not sure how to find a community that represents you and your faith.

# A place to find out about activities and local events

The Students’ Union (CUSU) organise regular events and activities; including, social gatherings, meals, discussions and speakers. They aim to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Coventry University London and the City of London itself.

# A listening ear and someone to talk to

If you want to talk to someone about any faith related concerns, contact us for a friendly and informal chat. We have a dedicated member of the Student Support team who you can talk to by phone or via email. Or book an appointment (opens new window) to arrange to meet face to face. We are happy to talk and answer any questions you may have.

# Giving you a dedicated space for contemplation

If you need a quiet space to think, pray or take a break, we have a contemplation room that students of all faiths and no faith can use. It is located in Cutler’s Exchange (room 5.17).


Please be aware that the contemplation room is currently not in use due to Covid-19 access restrictions on campus

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:16:47