# Sigma Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre

Whatever your course, faculty or ability level - we offer free maths and statistics support. Our team is made up of friendly tutors, including experts in most areas where maths and statistics are used. We aim to make you feel at ease and provide the best knowledge and resources to meet your needs and help you fulfill your academic potential.

# Fulfil your academic potential

To succeed in your academic studies and future employment, use our service to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and improve your numeracy and statistical skills. Expanding your skill-set will increase your confidence and enrich your studies, helping you to achieve your full potential.

# Overcome barriers and grow in confidence

If you have low confidence in your maths or statistics ability - but need a particular element of it to pass an exam or module on your course - we will help you to improve your confidence and lay a foundation that will stay with you in your future studies and career. Equally, If you are using advanced mathmatics or statistics to a high level in your course - but would like to take your understanding and grades to the next level - using our service will help you to achieve this.

# Improve your coursework, exam and dissertation results

Students who use our service, on average, get better outcomes in their dregree program. Whether maths and statistics are central to your course or an occasional part of your study, our specialised 1:1 support will be tailored to you, giving you the opportunity to improve your grades and get the most out of your course.

# Learn new methods and ways of understanding

Learn new ways to tackle numeracy, data analysis, mathmatics and statistics. Our targeted support will ensure that your individual needs are met. Here are some of the services that will help you improve your understanding:

# Enhance your employability

Go into the jobs market with a confidence that sets you apart from other applicants. We understand what employers are looking for and can give you specific advice and training for employers' numerical reasoning tests which are often used as part of their recruitment process. This includes the Teachers’ Numeracy test and other quantitative reasoning selection tests.

# Become more engaged and pro-active in your learning

If you are studying remotely (or you are not based at the Coventry Campus), we have a wide range of computer-based learning materials and diagnostic tests that you can access online - both for mathmatics and statistics (opens new window).


Our service can be accessed online by all CU Group students, but we also have a physical base on the Ground floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library on the Coventry Campus. Due to COVID-19, we are currently working exclusively online. Find out how to book an online appointment with a 1:1 tutor (opens new window) or attend a drop-in session (opens new window) when it's convenient for you.