# Registry

Registry is the administrative hub of the University and we oversee a wide range of aspects of your academic and student life. We are responsible for:

  • Governing students' compliance with the academic regulations
  • Managing your student journey - from enrolment to graduation
  • Making sure that administrative processes are accessible to you and helping you to follow them correctly
  • Maintaining quality and academic standards

Below are some of the key areas that we can help you with. Please read the information and email us if you need help.

# Academic Regulations and your course programme

  • Academic and General Regulations Find out what the rules and regulations are for all students at Coventry University and CU Group.
  • Student Handbook Find out everything you need to know about studying at Coventry University and CU Group, including what is expected of you.
  • Programme Specifications Find detailed information about your course structure and content.
  • Module Information Directory (MID) Check here for a full list of modules available to you at each stage of your course.

# Our expectations of you (and what happens if misconduct is reported)

  • Academic misconduct (Plagiarism)
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Report Harassment Get help reporting any unwanted behaviour or harassment.

# Changes to your program, withdrawals, assessments and results

  • Leaving or changing your programme
  • Extensions and Deferrals
  • Understanding your results
  • External Examiner Reports
  • Academic Appeals
  • Tier 4 international student support

# And more...