# International Student Support

We understand that moving to a different country can be a difficult time for students. International Student Support are here to help you with any pastoral or study related immigration issues.

# Adapt to living in the UK

You may feel homesick or overwhelmed trying to navigate British culture. We can give you guidance on how to settle in and help you adapt to living in the UK (opens new window). Our knowledge of support groups and activities will make you feel more confident and secure in your new surroundings.

# Overcome personal problems

If you have any personal concerns, such as your mental health, family issues or problems with your accommodation (opens new window), we can help you to tackle these issues and give you the tools to overcome them. Working through your personal issues with us will make you more resilient and help you focus on your studies.

# Understand your visa

Stay in control of your visa by talking to us about any immigration issues that you have, such as: how to extend your visa (opens new window), bringing family and friends to visit you in the UK, or any problems with your visa.

# Stay in control of your finances

If you are struggling with your finances, we can help you to apply for Emergency funds or direct you to other services that can help you.

# Gain experience of working in the UK

Get valuable experience working in another country and earn money whilst you live in the UK. We can help you to apply for a national insurance number so that you can work in the UK - either working part-time during your studies or working in the UK after your studies.

# Access our service

To access our service, you can book an appointment (opens new window) online.

Alternatively, you can email:


The International Student Support team are trained to give specialist advice, please contact us if you need help so that we can give you appropriate support and advice

Last updated: 18/01/2023, 14:50:26