# International Office

Here at Coventry University, we realise that moving to a different country can be a difficult time for students. The International Office, based in the Student Centre, are here to assist you with any issues or support that you may require.

# Three teams – One service

The International Office has three teams which work closely together to provide a single, coherent, service for you providing support before, during and after study. They are:

  • Welfare – advice and support
  • Admissions – process applications
  • International Officers – represent the University overseas

# How these teams can help

The International Office offers assistance on all manner of issues including:

  • welfare issues e.g. personal/family concerns/accommodation
  • immigration questions (extending visas, bringing visitors and family visiting students in the UK, general queries, problems with your Visa)
  • finance e.g. problems with paying tuition fees/accommodation debt
  • trips/social events
  • working in the UK (applying for a national insurance number, working part time during studies and working in the UK after studies)
  • along with general queries (life and studying in the UK, British Culture, how to cope with homesickness)

and much more.

# Contact details

As you should only be advised by the International Student Support Team who are qualified to give advice, you can visit our offices between 09:00-17:00, Monday and Friday. You can also contact us on 024 7765 2155, email us or visit our webpage (opens new window) for further information.

Student Centre
Off Gulson Road
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