# COVID-19 symptom-free test centre

We are offering symptom-free COVID-19 tests (opens new window) to all students from 15 January - 5 February so that you can return to campus safely if you have travelled from another part of the UK after the winter break. Tests are free and will take 10 minutes (in most cases, the result will be texted to you within 30 minutes of the test).


Please note, if you need a symptom-free test before this time, Coventry City Council are offering walk-in symptom-free testing in Priory Sports Hall (whilst we are not using it exclusively for students). You can use this service, so if you have not returned home yet or if you're still on campus, you can use the Coventry Council community testing service. This service is now open. For community testing opening times please check the Council website (opens new window).

# Do not use this test if you have COVID-19 symptoms

The tests being used at this centre are for people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms or who are asymptomatic. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, do not attend this test; instead, book a symptomatic test now (opens new window) and report your symptoms to us (opens new window) so that we can offer you appropriate support.

# Book a symptom-free COVID-19 test now

The Asymptomatic COVID-19 test booking system (opens new window) will open on 21 December 2021. Choose a date and fill out your details before selecting 'schedule appointment'. Follow the same process to book your second test (this is required if your first test is negative), but make sure that it is scheduled three days after your first test.

# The test: what to expect and what you need to bring

You will get an email reminder one day before your test. On the day of your test you need to:

  1. Enter Priory Building (Sports Hall) via the side entrance (on the left-hand side of the main entrance as you are facing the building).
  2. Allow 30 minutes for the appointment and arrive 5 minutes before your allocated time.
  3. Register for your test when you arrive. Please bring your mobile phone with you as you will need this to scan a QR code and enter your details on the website. Staff will be available on the day to help you with registration.
  4. Once you are registered, you will be directed to a waiting area, before taking your test.

The test is a simple swab to your nose and throat (that you do yourself). View the guide on how to do this (opens new window).

# You will need to bring:

  • A face covering (if you are exempt, please bring a face visor instead)
  • Your student ID card
  • Your mobile phone


Tests are free and voluntary. You don’t have to get tested but we strongly encourage you to do so to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

# Getting your results and what to do next

You will receive a message with your results by text or email, depending on which details you provide when you register. In most cases, results will be available 30 minutes after taking a test. If you have not received your results after five days, please call NHS 119.

If your first result is negative, you will be advised to take a further Lateral Flow Test three days later to ensure an accurate result. If your first result is positive, you will be advised to book a free NHS (PCR) test for further confirmation of your result. If you do get a positive result, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days and report your result to us (opens new window) so that we can offer you any further support you might need.

Find more information on getting your results and what to do next (opens new window) in the case of either a positive or negative result.


The tests at this centre are Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) (opens new window), specifically for the rapid testing of people with no symptoms. If you want to travel internationally - or you are returning from international travel - you will probably be required to have a PCR test, which you need to book through the NHS (opens new window). Check the requirements for international travel (opens new window) before booking your test.