# Centre for Academic Writing

The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) has been supporting students’ writing since 2004. CAW offers a plethora of services to help Coventry University students at all levels from first year undergraduates to final year PhD students to build their confidence as independent writers.

# Accessing CAW's writing support service

To make the most of utilising CAW’s writing support services, visit our CAW Libguides website (opens new window) and take some time to read how each of our services can help you build not just an academic writing skill set but a transferable one as you move into your chosen career.

Although CAW’s most popular writing support is an individualised academic writing tutorial, all our services complement each other. Find out more information here (opens new window).

# Online academic writing resources

CAW’s Libguides website contains a plethora of academic writing resources that can support you with different genres of writing styles, topics to help with the writing process, and resources that cover academic language, glossaries, and grammar. Visit our CAW Libguides resource page (opens new window) to view or download each resource.

# Academic writing development workshops

CAW delivers online academic writing development workshops for students at all levels of their study. We have a range of academic writing topics; from helping you with starting your writing journey, understanding different writing genres and styles including dissertation writing, through to how to understand and implement written assignment feedback.

To read an overview of each workshop topic and download a PDF leaflet, visit our workshops page (opens new window). You can view or book our scheduled workshops on the online booking page (opens new window).

# Academic Writing Tutorials

CAW’s most popular writing support service is our individual 45-minute academic writing tutorial. Although not necessary, making a start on your writing before your tutorial will generally mean that you benefit more from the appointment. Before you book a writing tutorial, please read and follow our booking policy (opens new window). To book an appointment, visit the booking homepage (opens new window).

# Single Question Drop-ins

During peak teaching weeks in semester one and semester two, CAW schedules a no-appointment-necessary ‘Single Question Drop-in’ session several times a week on the ground floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library. Each drop-in session lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes with an Academic Writing Tutor offering a maximum of 10-minutes support and guidance per person. It is an opportunity at peak times for students to receive quick advice and guidance. Check the drop-ins schedule (opens new window) to find out when these sessions are being held.

# Visiting CAW

CAW is based on the ground floor of the Lanchester Library at the back entrance/exit. Visit us and speak to one of our friendly receptionists who can guide you through our writing support services.

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