# Centre for Academic Writing

Gain confidence in your writing skills and ensure that you reach your academic potential. The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) will give you the tools to be proactive in your learning, improve all aspects of your writing and help you achieve your goals at university and in your future career.

# Develop a confident writing technique

Gain confidence in a wide range of academic writing styles and techniques. Learn how to argue persuasively, present evidence clearly and reference documents precisely and effectively. Whatever level you are currently working at, we will work with you to identify any areas that you may need help with and provide you with the best tuition and resources based on your needs.

# Be an independent learner

Be proactive in your learning and take control of your academic writing. Use our service to access self-help guides and resources (opens new window), including our simplified and easy to use Harvard Reference style guide (opens new window). If you are not sure how to improve your academic writing, book a tutorial (opens new window) to help you become more independent in your academic work in the future.

# Overcome barriers in your studies

If you are stuck on a piece of coursework or your dissertation, or you want to learn how to write more efficiently for an exam, we will help you to overcome any barriers with your academic writing and ensure that you don't get held back.

# Improve your focus and efficiency

Use our service to learn new writing techniques to help you focus on your academic writing and to ensure you complete your work on time and to the best of your ability. By using our expertise, resources and guides, you will develop a skill set that will make you more efficient and targeted in your approach to your coursework, dissertation and research.

# Gain skills for life

Lay a foundation for your future studies and career by using our service to develop a confident writing style and skill set that will enhance your employability and set you apart from other students and applicants in the future.

# Access our service

Go to our web page (opens new window) for more information and use LibGuide to book live online support (opens new window). Get information on how to access our wide range of drop-ins, tutorials, workshops and online resources at the Wayfinder Help Centre.

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