# Academic Writing Service

The Academic Writing Service (AWS) will work with you to support and develop your academic writing skills and knowledge. We will help you to progress as a student and achieve your potential at University. Our experience means that we understand the key milestones and pressure points in the academic student journey and can help you navigate them successfully.

# What an AWS Tutor can help you with

  • Writing more critically, reflectively and cohesively
  • Writing stylistically for reports, case studies and essays
  • Integrating and citing sources

Please remember that AWS tutors will not proofread or ‘fix’ assignments. We are here to listen to what you have to say about your writing and work with you to provide guidance.

# Book an appointment

We offer 45-minute appointments to all students, which you can access via Zoom, email or in-person. You can book an individual appointment or for a group.

You can book an appointment here (opens new window).

You can also book at the library reception or via email.

# Some key information about booking an appointment

  • 45-minute appointments can be booked on the day (depending on availability) or in advance.

  • You can book 1 appointment at a time and only 1 per week.

  • When booking an appointment, please provide your assignment, the assignment brief, any guidance notes or feedback your tutor has provided and have an idea of the specific problems/queries you wish to discuss in the appointment.

# Contact an AWS Tutor directly

If you are currently working with a tutor, you can contact them directly via the email or telephone details below.

# Kate:

Email: Phone: 02477 655 862

# Get more information

Go to our home page (opens new window) for more information.

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