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# Activate your new Student ID Card

To start using your new student ID card, you need to activate it at a Phoenix Registration Point.


Sometimes ID cards are also called Phoenix cards

# Wait for at least 15 mintes

After your new card has been printed, you can activate your card anytime after 15 minutes.

# Find a Phoenix registration point

Most University buildings have one (or more) Phoenix registration points. To find your nearest Phoenix registration point, please look at the list of Phoenix registration points at the bottom of this page and click on the building you’re in or nearest to. Hold your card flat against the card reader (the silver box) - you can use both sides of the card to do this. Wait fo 3 seconds until the light flashes green and you hear a beep.

# Reactivate weekly

You’ll need to reactivate your student ID card once every week on a Phoenix point to make sure that your access to buildings and attendance is kept up to date. It is important to do this so you can get into buildings and register your attendance at classes correctly using the Touchpoint machines.

# Need help?

If you have tried to update your card and you are still having problems getting into buildings, or scanning your attendance on the Touchpoint machines, go to an InfoPoint and we can help.


If you have been away from campus for a longer period of time (on study break), your card may not work. If this happens, we can update your card manually at the InfoPoints – it will only take a few minutes to fix.

Phoenix Registration Points
Last updated: 26/05/2023, 10:53:03