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# Travel over the spring break

The government have recently shared guidance (opens new window) for students wishing to travel home for the spring break.

Although all students are allowed to travel home, you are strongly advised to remain in your term time accommodation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 where possible.

If you choose to leave your student accommodation, you should travel before 29 April. You should only travel once, to one other address and can then return to your student accommodation at any time.

# Take a COVID-19 test before you travel

Before you travel, you should get a COVID-19 test; this applies before both journeys. You can access community testing near your home address over the spring break.

Find out how to access testing in your local area (opens new window) before coming back to campus.


The tests being used in this programme are for people who do not have symptoms. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, do not attend this test; instead, book a symptomatic test now (opens new window) and report your symptoms to us (opens new window) so that we can offer you appropriate support.

# International Travel

International students are also allowed to return home once for their spring break, which includes a journey involving overseas travel. However, in order to minimise transmission (and because travel restrictions could change while you are overseas, making it harder for you to return to England), the government is strongly advising you not to travel and to remain in your term-time accommodation. Find out more about international travel (opens new window).

# Get support over the spring break

We will continue to offer support services to our students throughout the spring break, and campus will remain open for all students who wish to stay. Please check the Student News page (opens new window) for details of activities and events you can get involved with over the break.