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# Reset your University Digital Services password

You need your university Digital Services password to access your university email, AULA, SOLAR, NOVA, Office 365, campus WiFi and the Student Portal. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the steps below.

# Go to the Digital Service Registration page

Go to the Digital Service Registration page (opens new window).


You will need to input your Student ID number (the number on your Student ID or Phoenix card).

# Enter your student ID number and date of birth

Fill in your student ID number and date of birth and select Continue.

# Follow the instructions and accept the Digital Services code of conduct

Enter your mobile phone number and your email address and select Next. After this, a verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the verification code and select Next. Once you have accepted the ITS code of conduct, you will be taken to the password reset page.

# Choose a password

You need to choose a password that is:

  • 9 - 15 characters long
  • has at least one capital letter (upper case letter)
  • has at least one number
  • has at least one symbol

Make sure that your password is memorable but make sure you do not write it down or give it to anyone else.

# Get help from Digital Services

If you are not able to reset your password, please visit the online Digital service portal (opens new window) for help.

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27