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# Register with the Police (International students)

The UK Government asks that students from certain countries register with the police upon arrival in the UK. Use this guide to find out how and where you can complete police registration.

# Check if you need to register

To see if your home country is listed (and if you need to register with the police), go to the GOV.UK website (opens new window) to find out.

# If you applied outside the UK

Check your visa ‘vignette’ (sticker in your passport). You must register if it has Police registration or Register with police in 7 days of entry on it.

# If you applied inside the UK

Check the letter you get from the Home Office when your application’s approved. It will tell you if you must register.


If you do not register, your permission to stay might be shortened and you will have to leave the UK. You can also be stopped from getting or extending a UK visa in future.

# Book an appointment at the Overseas Visitors Records Office

If you need to register, go to the police registration point within 7 days of:

The Police registration point for students living in Greater London (opens new window) is the Overseas Visitors Records Office (opens new window). Find out how to register (opens new window) and check the location and opening times carefully. You can book an appointment online (opens new window) (although, where possible, they will accept a limited number of walk-in customers).

If there are no available appointments within seven days, please book the earliest available appointment.


If you change your address you must inform the police within seven days. You can do this at any local police station. You can find your local police station here (opens new window).

# Take the correct documents to your appointment

Check that you have the necessary documents (opens new window) and remember to take them to your appointment.

# Go to the Overseas Visitors Records Office

Once you have an appointment and the correct documents, you can go to the Overseas Visitors Records Office. Google Maps route (opens new window).

# Show your Police Registration Certificate to the Compliance team

The police will give you a registration certificate. Keep it while your visa or permission to stay in the UK lasts so that you can:


Remember to show your registration certificate to the Compliance team (University House, 3rd floor, 13:00 – 15:00, Monday – Friday, term-time only) or scan a good copy to once you have received / updated it.

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27