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# Record your attendance using Touchpoint

Record your attendance for every taught session on your timetable by scanning your Student ID card (Phoenix card) on a Touchpoint card reader before each class.

# Bring your student ID card to every class

Touchpoint is the University’s only way of confirming your attendance at University. Make sure that you always have your student ID card with you for each taught session that you attend. If your card is lost or has been stolen, you will need to replace your student ID card as soon as possible.


If you do not have your card with you for a class, talk to your lecturer and ask them to verify and manually update your attendance record. Please note that they will only be able to do this if they can personally vouch for you being present on the day and at the correct time.

# Find a Touchpoint reader in your classroom or lecture theatre

Touchpoints are the blue automated card readers located near the entrance of every teaching space. If you are not sure where the Touchpoint reader is, please ask your lecturer.

# Scan your card on the Touchpoint reader

Tap your student ID card on the Touchpoint reader and wait for the light to turn green. If the light is red, you may need to update your student ID card at a Phoenix point before trying again.


If the light continues to turn red, or there is no light showing, go to an InfoPoint and we will test your card or report the fault to the Touchpoint team.

# Scan your card on time

  • Any 'tap-in' between 10 minutes before the beginning of your lesson and 15 minutes past will show as on time. (So you have a 25 minute window to scan your card).
  • From 15 minutes to 30 minutes past the start of your lesson, will show as late.
  • Anything later than 30 minutes from the start of your lesson will show you as being absent.

Make sure you do not scan your card more than 10 minutes before a class, as it will record you as absent.

# Talk to someone about your attendance

To speak to someone about your attendance record, contact the Student Engagement Centre. Please note, if you are an international student on a student visa, your attendance is managed by the International Student Compliance (ISC) team. You can email them at:

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