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# Print your results off SOLAR

You may want to print your online results directly from SOLAR if you are:

  • Waiting to be awarded (you cannot order a Transcript until you have got your final award)
  • Waiting to graduate (you will not receive your degree certificate until you graduate)
  • Applying for a Postgraduate course and they have asked you for a copy of your results. (You may want to check with the University or institution you are applying to first, to see if they will accept your results in this format).

If you have completed a full stage of your course (year 1, 2 or 3), you can order a results letter online for each year that you have completed. But if you are part way though a year, you can print your results that you have so far from your online results on SOLAR.


You will not be able to print results from Moodle as these are provisional and could be subject to change once they go through the external assements boards and moderation process. So your results are not official until they have been posted on SOLAR.

# Log in to SOLAR

Log in to SOLAR (opens new window) using your University username and password and select my online results.



Open SOLAR in Google Chrome, as this is the most compatible web browser.

Select the academic stage(s) / year(s) that you want to print results from and select print. Make sure that your student ID number is visible at the top of each page (otherwise InfoPoint staff will not be able to verfify and stamp your results). You also need to print in colour.

# Go to an InfoPoint to get your results stamped

Go to any InfoPoint with your printouts and student ID card and ask for them to be checked and stamped. This will only take a few minutes.

Last updated: 20/07/2023, 14:40:58