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# Order a transcript or results letter online

If you completed your course from September 1992 onwards you can purchase documents, including certificates and diploma supplements.

If you are applying for a World Education Service (WES) verification / Document Verification we are able to process this for you electronically – please email for more information and guidance.

Award verifications can also be made by employers via HEDD (opens new window).


If you completed your course from January 2020 onwards, you will also be able to access your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) – this is a record of your achievements during your time at Coventry University. It is an internationally recognised document that replaces the University Diploma Supplement and Transcript. The HEAR is available as an electronic document, which can be shared with third parties, including employers and other HE institutions via e-mail or social media.

# Transcript

A transcript shows your grade for each module that you’ve completed on your course.


You no longer get a transcript with your degree certificate when you graduate. But if you need a transcript (before or after you graduate), you can buy one online. You’ll need to wait until you’ve been awarded at the end of your course (when your final results letter is on SOLAR) before you can order one.

# Results letter

A results letter shows your grade for each module you’ve completed for each completed stage of your course. You’ll need to wait until you’ve had your official results on SOLAR for the academic year before you can order a results letter.


A Stage is the name for each year of study (stage 1 is your first year, stage 2 is your second year etc.)

# Order your replacement document

Go to the replacement documents webpage (opens new window) and select the item that you want.

# Pay for your documents

Select proceed and fill in your payment details.

# Collecting your documents

All documents will normally take around 10 days to produce but could take longer during busy periods. Please note that if you have an outstanding debt to Coventry University or CU Group, you may not be eligible to receive these documents.

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