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# Scam Calls and Emails

We want to ensure safety across all our students when online, and we have been made aware of a scam that is targeting international students.

# How to check texts

You may receive a text that seems like a scam. If you do receive a suspicious text you can do the following:

# How to check emails

If you receive an email that appears to be a scam or one that you are unsure of. Please forward it to so our Service Desk can investigate this for you.

# How to check calls

You may receive a phone call that seems like a scam. The caller may seem genuine and convincing because they have some limited information about you. They may say they are from the Home Office, UKCISA, University, police, post office, etc. They may say there is a serious problem with something related to you such as your immigration status or bank account and that they need you to send a payment (commonly through western union) or provide them with your personal details. There usually will be dramatic terms used to make you panic (e.g. talking about deportation, cancelling your visa, etc.), unless you make the payment.

If you do receive a suspicious phone call asking you to make an immediate payment or face severe consequences, you can do the following:

  • Do not give the caller/sender any personal information, and do not confirm that any information they have is correct.
  • Do not make any payment. The Home Office does not issue financial penalties. Nor does UKCISA.
  • Hang up and contact the university engagement team for advice.
  • You can also report to Action Fraud (opens new window) anytime of the day or night using its online reporting tool (opens new window) reporting online is quick, easy, and can be done on any device.
  • If you have transferred money, you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

# Where to learn more information

The student portal has been updated with a lot of information on how to stay safe online and what to look for in this article (opens new window).

Last updated: 08/07/2022, 11:57:02