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# Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the process of using two or more independent factors to verify a user's identity for a login and to access secure data - similar to what you may use with online banking. It protects the user from an unknown person trying to access their data such as personal ID details or financial assets.

• The first factor is something known only to you - your CU username and password.

• The second factor is a single-use code sent to your personal device (mobile phone or tablet) OR a message sent asking for confirmation that you are attempting to log in.

Multi-Factor Authenticate will need to be set up on both your computer and phone and will require re-authentication at least once every 14 days. This is to ensure the security of the device and your personal data.

Multi-Factor Authenticate is used for a wider variety of services including Emails, Microsoft Teams, Digital Services Portal, Student Portal, and many others.

For more information please see the Multi-Factor User Guide (opens new window)

# Reset your password

You can reset your password at any time very easily, following the guidance in this article.

# Change your registered phone number

If you have recently changed your mobile number and therefore cannot receive your MFA code, please call Digital Services on 02477 657777.

Last updated: 10/02/2022, 14:01:23