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# Link to the Wayfinder

# How it works

The Wayfinder is a type of application called a Progressive Web App (PWA). One of the best features of a PWA is that users can access it directly via a link and do not have to go via an App-Store. Yet a PWA will still give a native-app experience in that it is available as an icon on the homescreen and works offline.

Users should be instructed to visit the Wayfinder in their usual browser and save to homescreen

Use links in documents, on social media or from other websites. (opens new window)

Note the part of the URL after the ?. This tells the Wayfinder where the user is located and makes sure that the most relevant information is displayed. The user can self-select their location in their Profile (top right)


The Wayfinder has been designed with all the group locations in mind.

Every resource on the Wayfinder is available on a unique URL. This means you can help users by linking them directly to the relevant page.

E.g. To link to this page, go to the Profile (top right) and find the share button. You'll see a QR code and the address for this page:

There are many scenarios where is more effective to describe how a user should find a resource on the Wayfinder, for example:

  • on a digital display screen
  • when giving verbal instructions
  • when presenting a link in an email or on a webpage that will be seen by users across all campuses

"Search for Sigma on" is easier for users to remember than the whole link address.

# Use the official naming & icons when linking

When linking to the Wayfinder, the link title should refer to the webapp as "the Wayfinder".

E.g. "...the campus map on the Wayfinder"

Usually, it is best to link using text but if you need a shorthand to the Wayfinder, use the following logos:

Rounded logo - download

Rounded logo

Wayfinder logo - download

Rounded logo

Square logo - download

Square logo

# Share by using QR codes

QR codes (opens new window) are a great way of sharing web-based resources. All the user needs to do is point their phone camera at the QR code and the Wayfinder will open without the need for any typing.

You can easily create QR codes to any resource on the Wayfinder by navigating to the page you'd like to share, opening the Profile (top right) and selecting Share. The QR code can be screenshotted and distributed via a screen or print or another user can point their camera at the QR code on your phone.

# The Wayfinder has been designed to be 'mobile first'

The Wayfinder is designed and optimised to work on all smart phones. On desktop, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Microsoft Edge are supported. N.B. Although not officially supported, the content is visible in Internet Explorer 11 and lower.

# Please feedback improvements and ideas

If you spot incorrect information or if something is not working, please email with a link and short description of how to reproduce the problem and the outcome you expected.

Please email if you've got an idea for how we could improve and develop the Wayfinder. We'd love to hear from you.

# Check the Wayfinder availability and performance

Live up-time & down-time status along with a complete history is available on the Wayfinder status page (opens new window)

Last updated: 24/01/2023, 16:33:35