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# Get a regular symptom-free COVID-19 test

All students can access regular symptom-free testing (Lateral Flow Testing) (opens new window). The tests are quick to do and the results are available within 30 minutes of taking the test.

Accessing symptom-free testing helps you to know you have done everything you can to be COVID-19-free. The tests are free and they are voluntary, but we strongly encourage you to take regular tests to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


These tests are for people who do not have symptoms. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, book a symptomatic test now (opens new window) and report your symptoms to us (opens new window) so that we can offer you appropriate support.

# Book your symptom-free test

There are multiple ways you can access symptom-free testing:

# At a community testing site

You can access testing in your local area at a community testing site. Find a symptom-free test site in your area (opens new window).

# Home testing

You can take a symptom-free test at home. You can obtain home testing kits from:


If you do tests at home, you must report your results online (opens new window) or on the phone. Please log your result against the name of your campus on the reporting site.

It’s important that you do this to help us to monitor levels of COVID-19 in our community, which will let us know when it's safe to reduce some of our safety measures, and because the government also monitors levels of COVID-19 in university communities to inform how they reduce restrictions.


There is more information about carrying out tests at home on the UK Government website (opens new window), with instructions in a number of languages including Arabic, Bengali. Chinese (simplified), Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi (Gurmukhi script), Romanian, Somali, Turkish. Urdu and Welsh.

# Get advice on international travel

These tests are Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) (opens new window), specifically designed for the rapid testing of people with no symptoms. If you want to travel internationally - or you are returning from international travel - you will be required to have a PCR test, which you need to book through the NHS (opens new window). Check the requirements for international travel (opens new window) before booking your test.


Look out for the ThinkSafe logo for more safety information

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27