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# Get your Student ID card

Your student ID card is very important because:

  • It gives you access to university buildings and accommodation;
  • you need it to register your attendance at classes;
  • It gives you access to printing;
  • you can use it for a range of student discounts.

To get your student ID card, you need to visit our team on campus. You do not need to book an appointment, you can just turn up once you have successfully completed your enrolment.

You should collect your ID card before teaching begins on  Monday, 29 January 2024.


Also, your student loan will only be released to you once your student ID card has been issued.

# How do I get my Student ID Card?

# 1. Complete enrolment

You need to complete enrolment (opens new window) before you can apply for a Student ID card. If you've got your new University email and password, then you've already done it.

# 2. Check you have a UK address registered

When you enrolled, you submitted one or more address where we could contact you. The Term Time or Correspondence address needs to be one in the UK. You can check you have a UK term-time address listed or add one on SOLAR.

# 3. Bring your photo ID

Have a photo identification document such as your passport ready so you can show it to one of our receptionists. This is so that we can verify your identity.

Please click here for a list of acceptable proof of identification.

# 4. Go to the University House Reception

All Coventry University London Student ID cards are now being processed manually at the University House Reception. They are open  Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 5pm.


If you have chosen to study remotely for now, you should apply online please email for more information.

Any questions, drop us an email anytime at or call 024 77 656565.

Last updated: 24/11/2023, 12:45:21