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# How to prepare for success at Coventry University

Now that you have enrolled, here are six quick and essential tasks that will help you to prepare for the start of your studies.

# Set up your Coventry University email on your mobile

Get quick access to your university email on your phone, wherever you are so you can receive important messages and contact university services.

We will use your new university email as the primary contact to keep you updated with important announcements, course information and personalised communications.

Depending on your mobile device, you can get your university email on your iPhone or iPad or get your university email on your Android phone or tablet.

If you have enrolled but haven't got your new email account yet, please register for your Coventry University email account.

# Sign up for Aula

Aula is a mobile-first, interactive teaching and learning environment which is at the heart of your learning experience whether you are studying remotely, on-campus or a blend of both. You can access Aula through the browser on your PC or laptop, or by using the native app from your phone's app store.

Follow the guidance on how to get started on Aula for how to sign up and download the app.

# Download the Vygo app

Coventry University has partnered with software platform Vygo to introduce peer support and mentoring to all students from day one.

There are a range of peer-to-peer programmes, including Buddy Schemes for students who are new to the UK and academic peer mentoring. Final year students can also benefit from the professional industry mentoring programme brought to you by the Talent Team.

The recommended experience is to access peer mentoring by using the Vygo native app. You can get Vygo for iOS from the Apple Store (opens new window) and can also get Vygo for Android from the Google Play Store (opens new window).

You can also access Vygo through the browser on your PC or laptop.

# Connect with support services

Coventry University offers a range of services to support you whenever you have a question or are unsure about something.

The web-app you are reading this very article on is known as the Wayfinder and is consistently updated with information to help you answer questions along the way with a simple search of our articles. You can add the Wayfinder to your home screen so that you have easy access to it from your phone's home screen.

Our support teams are readily available to help with your queries, you can find us at the Information Points across campus or call the Student Engagement Centre on 02477 656565. You can also email us on with any query you may have whilst studying with us.

# Register with a doctor or GP

Register with a GP service as soon as you arrive at University so that medical help is available to you should you need it. This is especially important to ensure you are able to receive COVID vaccinations.


Doctors in the UK are referred to as General Practitioners (GPs). You will generally go to visit a GP at a GP surgery or medical practice.

# Log in to the University Wi-Fi

To make it easy for you to check your emails, Aula and Vygo it is important you connect to University Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi network covers every building on every campus (and University owned accomodation) so once connected you can minimise your mobile data usage while on-campus.

Last updated: 03/05/2023, 10:34:21