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# How to get started on Aula

Aula is a mobile-first, interactive teaching and learning environment which is at the heart of your learning experience whether you are studying remotely, on-campus or a blend of both.

  • For students that pay overseas fees, you first need to have successfully completed the Welcome Portal
  • UK fee payers need to have enrolled and set up your IT account

# Log in to Aula for the first time

# 1. Go to the login page on PC or the Aula app

On PC or Mac go to (opens new window).

On iOS or Android, search for "Aula" on the device's app store and install the Aula app.

# 2. Sign in to Aula

The login page will ask for your university email address. It needs to be entered in the form

Your university email address may have some extra characters between @ and Do not include those characters.

Aula will guide you through the rest of the signing in process.

# 3. Navigate to your module and induction spaces

You can find the online induction content and all your learning materials in the appropriate spaces in Aula.

# 4. Join an online teaching session in Aula

Your tutor will use one of three systems to run your online teaching sessions in Aula: Big Blue Button, Zoom or MS Teams. Watch this short video to find out how to join your teaching sessions in Aula (opens new window).

# Go to the Aula Help Centre for guidance

Watch the Learn about Aula video (opens new window) (2 minutes) and browse the Aula Help Centre (opens new window) for useful articles and guidance about how to use the Aula platform.

# If you can't find your module on Aula

There is a Space on Aula where you can find your module or course. If you can't find it, please email and the support team will be able to help.


"Aula" is pronounced "Owl-er" like the bird!

Last updated: 10/05/2022, 09:41:50