Help centre

# Get mathematics and statistics support online

The Sigma Mathematics Support Centre provides free maths and statistical support for all CU Group students, irrespective of your course, faculty or ability.

# Use the drop-in service

To get immediate support - without making a booking - you can use our drop-in service (opens new window). View the current timetable to find out when you can use the drop-in service to speak to someone online about the support that you need. Complete the form (opens new window) beforehand so that we can find out who you are and what course you study before we speak to you. If you want to contact us outside of our opening hours, you can send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

# Book a 1:1 appointment - Statistics

If you are undertaking a project or research that requires an understanding of statistics or statistical software, book an appointment (opens new window) with a Stats Advisor. Select the blue 'Book Appointments' button and choose Stats Advisor.


You should always visit the drop-in service (opens new window) first to see if your problem can be solved. If you are still struggling then our online resources (opens new window) may also help you.

# Book a 1:1 appointment - Mathematics

If you are struggling with an area of numeracy or mathmatics on your course,and you have already tried the drop-in service (opens new window) and online mathematics resources (opens new window), then you can book an appointment (opens new window) with a Maths Advisor. Select the blue 'Book Appointments' button and choose Maths Advisor.


If a group of you are struggling with the same topic, you can all come together to a 1:1 appointment. One of you should book the appointment and you can all turn up together.

# Book onto a workshop

You can book various workshops throughout the year including Numerical Reasoning and PGCE (Teaching) Numeracy tests. The Statistics Advisory Service also offers workshops on SPSS and various topics in Statistics. Book onto a workshop (opens new window) by selecting the blue 'Book Workshop' button.

# Access online resources

If you are not studying at the Coventry Campus, we have a wide range of computer-based learning materials and diagnostic tests that you can access online - both for mathematics (opens new window) and statistics (opens new window) related learning.


Our service can be accessed online (opens new window) by students of all campuses, but we also have a physical base on the Ground floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library on the Coventry Campus.

Last updated: 11/12/2023, 16:24:33