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# Get Access to HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)

HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) is an electronic document showing your academic achievements during your time at Coventry University and CU Group. It is an internationally recognised document that replaces the paper Diploma Supplement and Transcript that we previously gave out to students at graduation.


If you graduated before April 2020 you will not have access to a HEAR. Contact to discuss how you can get a replacement document if you have lost or misplaced your Diploma Supplement.

# Register for HEAR

To generate a HEAR, you need to register first. Go to the HEAR Registration page (opens new window) and enter your University email address and password to log in.


After your first time logging in, you will be asked to use a personal email address to set up your account. This is so that you can access your HEAR after you graduate and leave the University.

# Viewing your results on HEAR

During your time at Coventry University and CU Group, you can access an interim HEAR, which will give a snapshot of your progress, results and achievements so far.

The HEAR is a working document which is available to you as soon as you register for it. The HEAR will show for the first time once your first set of results have been released via SOLAR. (It will only ever show results that are on SOLAR, once they have been through the formal assessment board process).

For students graduating from March 2020, a final summative HEAR will be available when you graduate. It will show your degree classification as well as a complete breakdown of your results and extra-curricular achievements.


Because HEAR is now available during your course, we do not provide results letters or Diploma Supplements.

# Other features of HEAR

The HEAR has the following sections on it:

  1. Personal details including your name, date of birth, student id number etc
  2. The name of the qualification gained title conferred, for example Batchelor of Laws, Business Law
  3. The level of the qualification within the UK Education system and the official length of the course
  4. Details of the course content, results gained and overall classification
  5. Details of any professional status conferred
  6. Additional curricular and non-curricular achievements (this includes relevant prizes)
  7. Formal authentication, including the date of the award of the qualification and the date that the HEAR is verified
  8. A web link to a description of the national higher education system

# Share your HEAR

The HEAR is an electronic document and should always be shared electronically with employers / embassies / higher education providers. You can do this via the HEAR site. (You can download a PDF version, but this will not be accepted by external bodies as PDFs can be manipulated. If employers ask us to verify PDF versions, we will not be able to do this).


Award verification requests can still be made by employers via HEDD (opens new window).

# Problem accessing HEAR?

You will not have access to HEAR if:

  • you graduated before April 2020
  • you are an Erasmus or 'non qual aim' student

If you need help with getting a qualification document, please contact the online orders team. For more information about HEAR, go to the Coventry University website (opens new window).

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