Help centre

# Get University email on your iPhone or iPad

Get quick access to your university emails on your phone, wherever you are on campus.

It’s important that you check your university emails regularly - academic tutors and admin staff will often send important information to you (e.g. to let you know that a lecture or seminar has changed location or been cancelled, or to tell you something about your course or assessments.


University staff are only permitted to send and receive emails to and from your university email account. For security and data protection reasons, please do not use your personal email account when emailing the University..

# Download Outlook for iOS

Go to the iOS App store (opens new window) and download iOS for Outlook.


iOS for Outlook should be free of charge to download.

# Open the App and enter your university email address

If it’s your first time using Outlook for iOS, enter your full university email address, then select Add Account.

If you have used it before but want to add your university account, go to Menu>Settings>Add Account>Add email account.

# Enter your university email password and sign in

Use your university email account password to Sign in.

If you have security settings enabled on your phone, you may be asked to verify your identity before you are able to sign in. For more information, see Security info overview (opens new window)


If you have forgotten it, you can re-set your university IT password (opens new window).

# Start using email on your phone

You can now accept any prompts for permission and swipe through the features to start using Outlook on your phone.

# Get help from IT services

If you are not able to get email to work on your phone or device, contact ITS Service Desk.