Help centre

# Find lost property

If you have lost something, we will try our best to help you find it.

# Retrace your steps

Go to where you last remember having your lost item. Check the areas that you used in that building. If you do not have access to a room, the Customer Service Team at Centrum Południe can help you get in the room to check.

# Check if your lost property has been handed in

All lost property is taken to the Customer Services Team on the ground floor of Centrum Południe. Valuable items like keys, wallets, purses, mobile phones and laptops will be stored securely.


All USB sticks must be clearly marked with your name and easily identifiable to you. Otherwise, we may not be able to give it back to you for data protection and security purposes.

# Claim your lost property

Make sure you bring some proof of identity with you when claiming your lost property (you can use your Student ID card). You will be asked to describe the item and then, if we can locate it, you will need to sign a lost property form.

# Contact Customer Services if you are not on campus

You can contact us to ask about lost property by emailing Customer Services.

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27