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# Enrolment Portal Support

# Introduction

These guides are designed to support you with completing the required sections on the enrolment portal.

Please select the section you need help with below.


The guides will be updated throughout the enrolment period. The last update was on 13 January 2023.

# General support sections

Status, progress and error messages (updated 13 January)


Dashboard (home screen)

# Enrolment Portal sections

Your travel information

Your personal details

Your course details

Your finance details

Your induction through Aula

Your right to study check

Get your university email account

If you have general queries about enrolment and key dates, visit the main website information.

Coventry University (Coventry) (opens new window)

Coventry University London (Liverpool Street) (opens new window)

CU Coventry (opens new window)

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