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# Connect to University Wi-Fi on your phone

Get access to university Wi-Fi on your phone as you move around campus. It will make it easy to check your emails, timetable and Aula – as well as help you save your data!

# Make sure you are enrolled

You need to be enrolled before you can use university Wi-Fi on your phone. When you enrol online, you will set up your IT account and create a password.

# Go to Wi-Fi settings on your phone

Go to Wi-Fi settings on your phone and select either PHOENIX-NET-SECURE or PHOENIX-NET-FAST.

# Input your username and password

Enter your university username and password. Once you have done this, select join. You may be directed to a certificate page. If this happens, select trust. If you are asked for a domain name please enter and then connect.


If you have forgotten your university IT password, you can re-set it here (opens new window).

# Wait for your phone to connect

It may take a few seconds for your phone to connect. Wait until a ✔️ appears next to the PHOENIX-NET-SECURE / PHOENIX-NET-FAST network in your Wi-Fi settings.


Once you have connected to the Wi-Fi, your phone will be recognised and should automatically connect to the network across campus. You should not need to keep re-connecting to the Wi-Fi, but you may need to re-join the network if your phone or mobile device is new and not recognised.

# Get help if you are unable to connect

If your phone will not connect to the university Wi-Fi network, visit an Infopoint or the Customer Experience team and we will try to help you, or put you in touch with Digital Services.

Last updated: 04/12/2023, 16:39:36