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# Collect COVID-19 home testing kits from campus

We have home testing kit collection points accross all of our campuses to make it easy for you to access regular symptom-free testing and help keep you and others safe.


In line with government advice, everyone attending campus is strongly urged to access symptom-free testing, known as Lateral Flow Testing (LFT), before accessing any work or study space as follows:

  • Regular attendance: two tests per week, at least three days apart and 30 minutes before entering any buildings on campus (other than to access a testing facility)
  • Occasional attendance: one test, at least 30 minutes before entering any buildings on campus (other than to access a testing facility)

# Find a home testing kit collection point on campus

All of the locations below have a supply of LFT kits for staff and students. They are free of charge and easy to use.

Campus Collection Point Access Site Code
Coventry Alan Berry Staff only BFTR
Coventry Alma Building Staff only BFTR
Coventry Alison Gingell Student BFTR
Coventry Armstrong Siddeley Student BFTR
Coventry Engineering and Computing (ECB) Student BFTR
Coventry Ellen Terry Student BFTR
Coventry Frederick Lanchester Library Student BFTR
Coventry Foleshill Studios Student BFTR
Coventry George Eliot Student BFTR
Coventry John Laing Student BFTR
Coventry Mile Lane Student BFTS
Coventry Portal House Staff only BFTR
Coventry Priory Building (OnCAMPUS) Student (CEG student - front entrance) BFTR
Coventry Priory Building (Sports Hall) Student (side entrance) BFTR
Coventry Richard Crossman Student BFTR
Coventry Sports Centre Student BFTR
Coventry Student Centre Staff only (Ground floor) BFTR
Coventry The Hub Student (Ground Floor & 1st Floor) BFTR
Coventry William Morris Student BFTR
Coventry University London University House Student BFTX
Barking & Dagenham (CU London) CU London Dagenham Student BFTU
Greenwich (CU London) CU London Greenwich Student BFTV
Scarborough (CU Scarborough) CU Scarborough Student BFTW

# Record your results online

If you do tests at home, you must report your results online (opens new window). Please log your result against the name of your campus on the reporting site. You will need to add the Site Code which is written against each collection point in the table above.


If you have not done a Lateral Flow Test before, it is a simple swab to your nose and throat (that you do yourself). Watch this guide on how to do it (opens new window).

# Other ways to access symptom-free testing

You can book an appointment at a Coventry University test centre (opens new window) or find a local community test centre (opens new window) if you don’t want to do the test at home. Find out all of the ways you can access symptom-free testing both on and off campus.


Please remember, these tests are for people who do not have symptoms. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, book a symptomatic test now (opens new window) and report your symptoms to us (opens new window) so that we can offer you appropriate support.

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:16:47