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# Check your results on SOLAR

After each examination period your tutor or lecturer will mark your work. The mark will then be checked and ratified through an external moderation process known as the Progression and Awards Board (PAB). Once the PAB has determined your final mark, you will get an automated email notification asking you to log into SOLAR and check your final result. Follow the steps below to find out how to check your results on SOLAR.

# 1. Log into SOLAR

Log in to SOLAR (opens new window) using your university username and password.

# 2. Select Online results

Choose 'Online results' from the list of hyperlinks.

# 3. Select year of study

The page shows your course title and links to your results for each year or stage of study that you have completed (or where you have completed an exam period within that year).


You will only be able to see your results on SOLAR for each stage, once your marks have been ratified through the Progression and Awards Board (PAB). Before this, your results are provisional and may be subject to change. Aula will not show your final result (only your provisional result submitted by your lecturer or tutor).

# Understand your results

The results page will show an overall result for that year (if it is complete) and a breakdown of each module under 'Detailed results' with 'pass' or 'fail' to the right-hand side of each one.

If you are not sure what your results mean, you can visit the Results FAQs pages (opens new window) on the Student Portal for further information on your results.

You may want to print your results from all of the stages that you have completed so far (as you won't be able to order a full transcript until you have received your final award at the end of your course). Use 'Ctrl+P' to print your results for each year / stage. Take your printed results to an Student Information desk on campus, where someone can stamp them for you. Please note, the pages must show your student ID number at the top of each page. You may need to select 'View' to zoom out if your student ID number is not showing


Once you have your final award, you can order a transcript online (opens new window). If your results have recently been released to you and you are a final year student who has been awarded, a results letter will automatically be sent out to you within 28 days, free of charge.

Or, if you are a current student, or graduated after January 2020, you can log into HEAR (opens new window) to access and send your results electronically.

Last updated: 20/09/2023, 12:46:18