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# Check your exam venues

Your exams may be held in buildings that you have not been to before. Some exams are held in buildings off-campus so you will need to plan your route ahead of time.

  1. Log on to the student portal to view the exam timetable (opens new window) (best viewed on a PC or laptop)
  2. Get the room codes and buildings for any venue you are not familiar with
  3. Look up the list of buildings below and plan your route

Check carefully as some building names can be confusing. For example there is a Priory Building and a Priory Hall. There's also the Coventry University Sports Centre and Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre.

Room code Building details and directions
BH Britannia Hotel →
CSC Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre →
EC129 Frank Whittle (formerly Engineering and Computing Building) →
ECG04 Frank Whittle (formerly Engineering and Computing Building) →
FC Priory Building →
Grace Welcome Centre →
Inspire Welcome Centre →
Major Coventry University Sports Centre →
Minor Coventry University Sports Centre →
RC350 Richard Crossman →
TM Transport Museum →

If you have any uncertainty, please ask at an Info Point well before your exam!

Last updated: 20/09/2023, 11:14:21