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# Change your name on your student record

You may want to change your name on the student record if:

  • your name is incorrect
  • your name has changed
  • you want to add a middle name

Remember that, how your name appears on your student record will be the same as it appears on your student letters, student ID card and your degree certificate.

# Bring your personal ID to Customer Services

Go to the Customer Service desk with your personal ID (passport, birth certificate or deed poll). Make sure you bring the original copy of your personal ID so that we can change your name on the student record.


We will also need to photocopy your personal ID for our records. Once we have scanned your original ID, we will send it to Registry who will change your name on the student record.

# Get your student ID card reprinted

If you are still enrolled on a course, you will need to get your student ID card re-printed so that it matches your new name on the student record. There is no charge for getting a new card printed if you have changed your name.

# Change your name before you graduate

Make sure your name is correct on the student record before registration for graduation closes. Please take care when registering your name because we are unable to change it after the deadline for registration closes or once your certificate and ceremony brochure has been printed. You can contact the graduation team at if you are not sure how your name will appear.

Last updated: 20/07/2023, 14:40:58