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# Change your address or telephone number on SOLAR

It’s important that you keep your address and telephone details up-to-date, so that we can contact you about your studies if we need to. Follow the steps below to update your address or telephone number.

# Log into SOLAR

Log into SOLAR (opens new window) using your CULC username and password. Select View/Modify Address.

# Update your address

Fill in the address fields - you can type this manually or fill in the house number/name and postcode and it will complete automatically.

  • Term address: the address that you live at during term time (usually a London address). If you live at the same address in and out of term time, select Yes to set your home address to the same as your term address.
  • Home address: the personal address that you live at outside of term time. Type this manually if it is not the same as your term time address.
  • Correspondence address: the address that all written correspondence will be sent to. Select the address that you want to be used for correspondence. Make sure you update your correspondence address before you leave University. If you don’t attend your graduation ceremony in-person, your degree certificate will be automatically sent to your correspondence address.

Letters that you print from Nova will show your address exactly as it is in SOLAR. Make sure you include your room number/house number/flat number in the address field, as banks and other agencies will not accept letters without this.

# Update your telephone number

In the Term Address box, input or edit your number in the Telephone Number box. It is important you add your country dialling code when updating a telephone number that is not UK based, there is a list of dialling codes here (opens new window).

# Save changes to your address and telephone number

Make sure you select the SAVE CHANGES button (bottom-right side of the page).

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27