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# Celebrate the Winter Break in London

More students will be spending the winter break in London this year. We want to help bring people together and create a sense of community over the festive period. If you are planning to spend the winter break in London - either by choice or because of current circumstances relating to the COVID-19 pandemic - we want you to feel safe and connected.


The London Campus will be closed from 21 December to 25 January, but we are still providing online support services and virtual activities during this time. Please check for the details below.

# Events and activities

There are lots of virtual and socially distanced activities and events available to help you enjoy the festive period, wherever you are. Check out our upcoming events (opens new window) and join in with a seasonal get together.

# Library

The Lanchester Library in Coventry has organised some virtual events that you can get involved in from London. These include:

# CU Students' Union

CUSU have a daily program of events throughout the winter break at (opens new window). Follow #winterwithcusu on Twitter for updates.

# Stay Connected

We know that this time of year can be difficult, especially if you are not able to see your loved ones. It is important to keep in contact with friends, family or support services at the University. Check our Connections Matters page (opens new window) for lots of ways you can stay in touch and connected whilst on campus.

# Speak to someone

If you are struggling, there will be someone you can talk to (opens new window) online, by telephone or on campus every day over the winter break. We are here for a friendly chat or to help you get support if you need it (opens new window).

# Stay Safe

If you have any concerns relating to COVID-19, or you develop COVID-19 symptoms, please check the next steps to take if you feel unwell, report your symptoms to us (opens new window) and follow the Govenment guidelines (opens new window).