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# Borrow a laptop in the Hub

You can borrow a laptop from the Hub to help you work flexibly around the building. Loans are for a maximum of 4 hours at a time (7 days a week, from 07:00-21:45). The laptop lockers are located underneath the main stairwell in the Hub.


You will need your student ID card to borrow a laptop.

# Borrow a laptop

To borrow a laptop, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the touchscreen to select Laptop Loan
  2. Scan your student ID card
  3. Select Accept T&Cs (opens new window)
  4. Open the assigned locker
  5. Take the laptop and close the locker door
  6. Select Finish or Print Receipt on the screen

Laptop loans are for 4 hours maximum. Overdue fines on laptops are charged at £1 per hour or part hour. If you need longer, you can return your laptop and loan another one if available.

# Use the laptop in the Hub

Laptops are for use within the the Hub only. They cannot be removed from the building at any time (unless you are using the Jordan Well entrance to get to Spirituality and Faith on the 3rd floor). Please don't leave your laptop unattended, as you are responsible for the laptop at all times when it is on loan.

# Return your laptop

When you have finished with the laptop, take it back to the locker and make sure that you plug it back into the charging point. The laptop should be returned no later than 21.45 each day. You will need to:

  1. Select Return on the screen
  2. Scan your student ID card
  3. Open the locker door that's highlighted
  4. Put the laptop back inside and make sure that you plug it back into the charger
  5. Close the locker
  6. Select Finish on the screen

Please make sure that you have saved all of your work on OneDrive (not onto the laptop itself) and log off the laptop fully before you return it.

# Check the Laptop Loan Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you read the Laptop Loans Terms and Conditions (opens new window) thoroughly before you borrow a laptop, to ensure that you don't incur any charges or penalties.

Last updated: 13/02/2022, 12:03:27