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# BibliU eBook Platform

As part of the Flying Start scheme, you may be eligible for a bespoke bookshelf hosting personal copies of course-specific eBooks. These are chosen by your course team to enhance your learning. You can access them via the BibliU app, Aula (opens new window) or Locate (opens new window). You can also build your own bookshelf by adding titles using the favourite heart icon. These titles are downloadable to read offline and annotate texts. They can also be accessed on a read-only basis.

# Get access to eBooks online to help you study

The BibliU eBook platform (opens new window) gives you access to over 1,200 textbooks to help you produce top quality research, write-ups and literature reviews.

# Log in to BibliU using your University password

To log in to BibliU (opens new window), just select your University from the drop-down menu and enter your usual university username and password.

# Find out more

To find out more, visit BibliU (opens new window) or go to LibGuides (opens new window).

Last updated: 22/09/2023, 14:23:44