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# Become a peer mentor

We’re looking for students on stage 2, stage 3 and postgraduate students to become peer mentors on the Vygo platform (opens new window) for all new students starting in September.

As a mentor, your role would be helping new students transition into university life, specifically students joining CU Coventry, CU Scarborough, CU London and Coventry University Wroclaw. As part of this, you might be providing tips and tricks on getting started at university, or simply just recommending the best coffee or something to eat in your corner of the campus. To find out more about the benefits of mentoring, have a look at Vygo’s article on what is a mentor (opens new window).

# Develop skills and knowledge

- Mentoring experience added to your CV

- Training recognised with digital badges (Open Badges provide real time recognition of new skills and knowledge that can be shared across online platforms such as LinkedIn)

- Be part of a mentor community with events and workshops

# Sign up to be a peer mentor

  1. Register interest by completing the Mentor Application (opens new window).
  2. Complete the Mentor training (opens new window) so you feel equipped and confident in your new role. This does take approximately 1 hour but our existing mentors do tell us how important and helpful this is!
  3. You will then be added to the CU Group mentoring programme, entitled ‘Getting in and getting on’, and we’ll send over some instructions on how to get started with Vygo (opens new window)
  4. Set up your profile and answer the peer matching quiz questions.
  5. Become an awesome mentor! A mentee will reach out to you via direct message or 1-1 video session requests.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of great mentors on the platform!

Last updated: 04/05/2023, 10:06:27