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# Apply for and get your first Student ID card

To help keep everyone safe on campus this year, please apply to have your Student ID card posted to your term-time address so you don’t have to make an extra trip to pick one up.

# Make the application by completing these steps

# 1. Complete your online enrolment

You need to complete your online enrolment before you can apply for a Student ID card. If you've got your new University email and password, then you've already done it.

# 2. Check you have a UK address registered

When you enrolled, you submitted one or more address where we could contact you. The Term Time or Correspondence address needs to be one in the UK so you can choose where you would like your Student ID card to be posted. You can check you have a UK term-time address listed or add one on SOLAR.


Any changes you make on SOLAR will take some time to update. Please wait at least 2 hours before starting your application.

# 3. Have a passport style photo ready

Have a passport style photo ready to upload or be able to take a passport style photo with your phone.

# 4. Have a photo identification document ready

Have a photo identification document such as your passport or driver’s licence ready so you can upload a good quality copy using your phone camera.

# 5. Start your Student ID card application

Start your Student ID card application by logging in with your University email and password.

# Receiving your Student ID card

Our team will let you know by email as soon as your application has been verified and you will receive your Student ID card at the UK address you choose within about a week. Don’t worry if your Student ID card arrives after you do, you will still be able to get to your timetabled sessions.


Even if you have chosen to study remotely for now, you should still apply. Any Student Loans Company (SLC) funds will be released when your Student ID card is issued.

Any questions, drop us an email anytime at