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# Activate a new Student ID card

To start using your new student ID card, you need to activate it at a Phoenix Registration Point.


The Phoenix Registration Point at Mile Lane are called Salto Readers - they are the black card readers that also give you access to the building and the internal stairwell / lift doors.

# Wait for at least 15 minutes

After your new card has been printed, make sure you wait for a minimum of 15 minutes before you try to activate your card.


Only wait to do this if you need your card straight away. You can activate your card the next day or whenever you are back on campus.

# Find a Salto reader or Phoenix registration point

Mile Lane has three Salto readers that you can use to activate your card. One as you enter the main entrance and two by the lifts going up to both the North and South sides of the building.


A Salto reader will be a black box (there are three of these at Mile Lane). Other Phoenix registration points around campus will be silver. Please use the list below to find your nearest activation point.

# Hold your card against the reader

Hold your card flat against the card reader - you can use both sides of the card to do this.

# Wait for 3 seconds until it beeps

Wait until the light flashes green and you hear a beep (this usually takes about 3 seconds). Your card is now activated.


To make sure your card is working, you can scan it on the green FollowMe pad on any printer on campus. If the light flashes green, then your card has been activated. If it flashes red, go to the Customer Service Experience team desk and we can help you.

Phoenix Registration Points
Last updated: 21/02/2022, 16:56:38